Hololive Alternative Holonometria English Site Opens

hololive alternative Holonometria English VTubers

Hololive is continuing its English outreach efforts. This time, it involves the Hololive Alternative project, as a Holonometria English official site opened. The goal is to offer details about the project, which will feature different sorts of story and media starring Hololive VTubers in an alternate world. Though at the moment, the only active project is the Holoearth Chronicles manga available in English and Japanese.

Alternative data. People can learn about the five major locations in the series, which are Kyo-no-Miyako, Mizore’s Kitchen, the Oeyama Mountains, Shirakami Shrine, and Yamamoto. There are also definitions for the major keyphrases Aura, Ayakashi, Humans, Kakuriya, Kami, Stigma, and Utsushiyo. The goal is to make it easier to understand Hololive Alternative as a whole.

There is also a story section at the Hololive Alternative Holonometria site. At the moment, a number of tales have to deal with the VTubers Fubuki Shirakami and Mio Ookami. “Hunting the Oni of the Oeyama Mountains,” “Just Another Day at Mizore’s Kitchen,” and “Contest of Strength at Senjogahara” all follow the two of them. As a reminder, the Holoearth Chronicles Side: E ~Yamato Fantasia~ manga follows the two of them too. There is no set release schedule for the manga, though the official Twitter account said chapter one would appear “soon” on September 3, 2021.

Jenni Lada
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