Hololive Alternative Project Will Include A Video Game And Virtual Liveshows

Hololive Alternative Video Game

In a reposted job listing, Cover CEO Motoaki Tanigo clarified that Hololive Alternative will include a video game and virtual live shows featuring a cast of Hololive characters. The project aims to create a “metaverse” in which “anyone will be able to live in an online world using 2D characters.” Cover also plans to set up some sort of community-based service to clear up communication issues.

This comes from a post on January 2021. The CEO reposted the job listing again on May 21, 2021. While Cover had focused on developing livestreaming and AR software, there was little demand. Instead, Cover pivoted to cultivating VTuber talent and production. Cover realized there was an opportunity to utilize a new influx of VTuber personalities.

Previously, a Hololive Alternative manga was in the works. However, the project was cancelled after its artist cut ties with Cover. That left many fans stumped on what Hololive Alternative actually was.

As revealed in a Hololive Alternative trailer, the project will feature a fictional world where Hololive characters can interact. The trailer teases fantastical locations and references an “alternative world”. Tanigo stated the main theme is a metaverse “centered around the fan community.”

This includes services like an online game, for which Tanigo posted a job listing on Wantedly. Cover is also looking for a “Unity and client-side Engineer.” That posting shows a screenshot of what appears to be the game in development. Cover is also looking to hire an Art Director, and the listing references a smartphone application in the works.

Andrew Kiya
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