Hololive Alternative Yamato Phantasia Manga Volume 1
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Hololive Alternative Yamato Phantasia Manga Volume 1 Releases in June

Hololive Alternative manga Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Phantasia‘s first volume will release soon in Japan. Specifically, it will come out on June 23, 2023, at a cost of 730 yen (about $5). Pre-orders are currently available on Toranoana and Melonbooks, and will open through other storefronts later. We don’t know when it could appear worldwide, however English and Indonesian chapters are available online.

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The volume’s cover illustration was released alongside the announcement, which you can check out in the tweet below:

The Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Phantasia manga stars Hololive VTubers Shirakami Fubuki and Ookami Mio, and also features Nakiri Ayame. It is drawn by Kosuke Kurose, who also provides the art for the Goblin Slayer manga adaptation. The first chapter, Chapter 0, was released back in June 2021, and Chapter 1 was released in May 2022. The manga can be read in Japanese on Manga-Up and Holonometria, with the latter also offering English and Indonesian translations.

Fubuki, Mio, and Ayame will also take part in the upcoming Hololive Kanda Festival 2023. To celebrate the festival, special merchandise featuring the three VTubers, as well as nine others, wearing shrine maiden outfits will be available for purchase. The merchandise will be available from May 1 to May 21, 2023, or while supplies last.

Volume 1 of Holoearth Chronicles Side:E Yamato Phantasia, the Hololive Alternative manga, releases on June 23, 2023. Individual chapters can be read in Japanese, English, and Indonesian on Holonometria. It can also be read in Japanese on Manga-Up.

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