Hololive English Branch Says VTuber Auditions Are Open Again

Hololive English Auditions

VTuber agency Hololive Production is holding auditions for its English speaking branch. Though the company hosts a permanent audition page, Hololive and its parent company Cover sent out the call again ahead of the first English concert, Connect the World. The English branch currently consists of Myth and Council, as well as the Vsinger unit Project: Hope. The male branch, Holostars English Tempus, consists of the Vanguard and HQ groups.

You can find the announcement tweet with links to the application form below.

The audition site lists the following general requirements:

  • Age 18 or over at the time of auditioning
  • Ability to fully commit to content creation and streaming/submitting content at least 3 times per week for an extended period of time
  • English fluency
  • Has clear goals and objectives as an entertainer
  • Not currently affiliated with an entertainment agency/label or has the ability to terminate any affiliation if given the opportunity to debut
  • Ability to comply with rules and regulations regarding the audition process

Additionally, extra consideration will be given to applicants with the following skills or traits:

  • Skilled competitive gamers of any genre
  • Experienced and proven livestreamers and content creators
  • Talented voice actors
  • Multilingual individuals
  • Experienced video editors

Hololive also recently announced new merchandise featuring their talents. Japanese branch member Sakamata Chloe themed prizes appeared in Capcom’s Net Catcher mobile game, while the English branch collaborated with artist Omocat ahead of their first concert. Indonesian and Japanese branch members are also confirmed to be appearing at the concert, titled “Connect the World.”

Those looking to try out for the Hololive Auditions can apply on the official site.

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