Hololive Japanese 5th Gen Members Will Get New Idol Costumes

Hololive Japanese 5th Gen idol costumes teaser

All four active members from the Japanese 5th generation of Hololive will get new idol-themed costumes ahead of the group’s major concert. The VTubers will reveal their new looks on Sunday, March 13, 2022.

Cover published a detailed schedule for the new costume reveals. Momosuzu Nene will kick off the session at 19:00 JST (5 AM ET). After a 15-minute presentation, she will pass the relay to Omaru Polka, Yukihana Lamy, and Shishiro Botan. Each VTuber will present the new costume with the same stream duration. Afterward, all four members will gather in a single stream at 20:00 JST (6 AM ET).

The new idol costumes will align with the upcoming Hololive Super Expo 2022 and the “Link Your Wish” concert. All active VTubers up to the 5th generation members will perform in the concert with their 3D models. The event will occur on March 19-20, 2022—a week after these new costume reveals.

The Japanese 5th generation members of Hololive debuted in August 2020. The group initially consisted of five members, but Mano Aloe retired shortly after the debut. The other four members remain active to this day. They are also collectively known as NePoLaBo, based on the first syllables of their names—Nene, Polka, Lamy, and Botan.

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