Hololive Reveals Kiara Takanashi and Calliope Mori 3D Models

Hololive Myth Mori Calliope 3D Takanashi Kiara 3D

Two members of Holomyth have entered the 3D world. In streams over the weekend, Hololive VTubers Calliope Mori and Kiara Takanashi revealed their 3D models to the world. The reveals were part of a “stream relay” intended to promote the debut of the Hololive English Myth VTubers’ 3D debuts. Ina’nis Ninomae revealed her 3D model on February 18, 2023. The Kiara 3D model reveal aired on February 24, 2023 under the #Kiara3DParty tag. The Mori 3D reveal used the #Mori3D tag and aired on February 25, 2023. The next two members of Hololive EN Myth, Gura Gawr and Amelia Watson, will debut their 3D models on March 2, 2023 and March 3, 2023.

Kiara Takanashi’s 3D reveal was accompanied by a performance of her song “SPARKS” on a virtual stage. Kiara also showed off a custom-built, Kiara-themed 3D environment. It replicates a branch of KFP (Kiara Fried Phoenix), her fictional fast food chain. She also performed duets with fellow Hololive VTubers Subaru Oozora Subaru and Nene Momosuzu.

The Kiara 3D debut was also followed up by an appearance in Hololive no Graffiti (or “HoloGra“), a weekly animated comedy short. Kiara performed alongside Nene, Matsuri Natsuiro, Kanata Amane, AZKi and Okayu Nekomata in a skit centered on Kiara’s business.

The Calliope Mori 3D debut took place on February 25, 2023. She kicked off the event with a performance of “Wanted, Wasted” on a virtual stage that was themed after her death motif.

Calliope’s virtual environment also included a chair, wine cabinet and a table with wine glass and bottle props. Her scythe was also rendered as a prop she can hold when performing in 3D space. In the back half of the presentation, VTuber hip-hop and rap duo Boogey Voxx showed up as surprise guests. They performed “Graveyard Shift” together. Previously, Boogie Voxx and Calliope Mori collaborated on 2021’s “Crown”.


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