Hololive Valkyrie Connect Characters Teased

Hololive Valkyrie Connect Characters Teased

A Valkyrie Connect Hololive event is on the way, which will involve Vtubers from the Japanese and English branches being turned into characters in-game. The official reveal is going to come at 12 p.m. JST/5 a.m. CET on May 10, 2022. That’s 8 p.m. PT/11 p.m. ET on May 9, 2022. However, ahead of that Ateam shared some rather revealing silhouettes of the upcoming units.

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Editor’s Note: There will be spoilers for the Valkyrie Connect Hololive characters’ identities below.

The four Valkyrie Connect characters’ silhouettes involve the Hololive Vtubers’ signature colors and certain familiar accents. This means it is possible to tell who they are, even ahead of the official Ateam hints about their identities.

First, here’s a silhouette teasing a La+ Darknesss unit. She’s part of the Japanese sixth generation of Vtubers. You can clearly see her horns in the image.
La+ Darknesss

Next, here’s the Pekora Usada one. She’s a member of the third Japanese generation. You can see her rabbit ears and the carrots in her hair. A teaser tweet further confirmed her appearance and showed a part of her outfit.
Pekora Usada

After that is a Kiara Takanashi teaser. She’s a phoenix, so you can see her wings and hints at her hairstyle. She’s part of Hololive English’s first generation.
Hololive Valkyrie Connect Characters Teased Kiara Takanashi

Finally, Ina’nis Ninomae is the last Vtuber who will appear. You can see her tentacles in the background of her design. Like Kiara, she’s a Hololive En first generation member.
Hololive Valkyrie Connect Characters Teased Ina'nis

People who submit art with their “guesses” on Twitter could see it appear during the announcement stream. Hololive members will appear during it.



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Valkyrie Connect is available on PCs and mobile devices. The Hololive Vtubers who will appear as playable characters will be revealed at 12 p.m. JST May 10, 2022.

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