Holy Breaker! Is An Upcoming Visual Novel With Work By Clannad Artist



Itaru Hinoue, one of the members of Visual Art’s Key, previously did artwork for Clannad and Little Busters, and her next project is her very own visual novel title, called Holy Breaker!: The Witch Betrayed Blue Moon Wicca. 4Gamer shares more the upcoming game.


Here’s a little summary of the game’s story:



The world was created by weapons.


From myths of countries to the symbol of a king, the ten weapons are part of various traditions. However, they say that one who can acquire all ten will gain immeasurable destructive power.


When the two moons rise, the legend becomes a reality, and its hidden powers awaken. And now, beneath a black witch and a white conjurer oppose one another.


After witnessing the fight, the protagonist gets involved with their fate…


Minase Tenma:



Minase is a mysterious black witch that has dwelled in the shadows of history… well, at least that’s what she says, but in reality, she’s kind of a good-for-nothing that doesn’t know too much about the world.


008 009

She has a terrible memory and has trouble remembering things that happened not too long ago. However, when it comes to her appetite and sleep, she comes second to none. That said, she possesses a scythe that is one of the ten weapons, and her combat capabilities are quite exceptional.


Haruka Abeno:

007 Haruka is a conjurer who inherited one of the ten weapons, the chain. Her family is said to have quite the history, and Haruka is said to have one of the strongest spiritual powers the family has yet to see.



She’s a seemly girl, but she can be a little too sensitive at times. She’s also big on cleanliness. Haruka’s goal to collect all ten weapons has secretly been set in motion.


Tsukumo Izumi:


Tsukumo is in his second year in high school, he gets involved in the story after witnessing the fight between Minase and Haruka. He seems to have the personality to butt himself into various situations, and has a sister named Touko that he constantly worries about, due to her being hospitalized.


011 012

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Holy Breaker! will be available during the Comic Market 87 on December 28th through 30th, where it can be purchased for 3,000 yen plus tax for PC.

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