Holy Smokes! Batman Is Coming To Puzzle & Dragons!

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Batman is indeed making his way to GungHo’s Puzzle & Dragons in Japan. Alongside him are trusty pal Robin and arch-nemesis the Joker. Catwoman’s a part of the collaboration, too.


The source of the information is a fan that went digging through the recent 6.1 update for the game, and unearthed images of the characters.


You’ll also be able to get a collectible gashapon machine in the shape of a dragon dressed up in a Batman outfit. Totally legit guys. It ties in with the release of Batman: Arkham Origins.


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Oh, alongside the Batman collaboration, there’s also a Baskin Robins (Called 31 in Japan) collaboration going on too to capture the Baskin Robin’s mascot. (Wait, there’s an actual manga version of Baskin Robins’ MASCOT?)

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