Home Sweet Home Is A Lethal Game Of Hide-And-Seek Inspired By Thai Myth

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Home Sweet Home promises players a lethal game of hide-and-seek, having them trying to sneak around several abandoned places while avoiding a bloody woman, some gigantic beasts, and other creatures and phantoms that draw from Thai mythology.


Tim’s wife has gone missing, and after spending time trapped in his own sorrows, he finds himself awakening in a strange, abandoned place. Here, he’ll find himself dogged by an aggressive female spirit, one he’ll have to avoid while exploring and solving puzzles if he hopes to survive. If he does well, he may even figure out what happened to his wife.

Home Sweet Home places an emphasis on stealth play, with players having to use parts of the environment to stay out of sight while observing the monster for gaps in her patrols. Other creatures are also skulking about this place, though, with players having to watch for strange, faceless creatures and colossal monsters, as making contact with them is a quick way to end Tim’s life.


Home Sweet Home’s story, monsters, and locations draw from a Thai setting and pull from Thai mythology, giving players a look into the culture and its history when they aren’t being stabbed to death with a broken piece of wood.

Home Sweet Home is available now on Steam.

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