Hometown Story, a spiritual successor to Harvest Moon, developed by the creator of that series, is being released in October in North America. If you’re interested in holding out for a collector’s edition of the game, however, Natsume plan to release one later in November.


Pre-ordering the regular version of Hometown Story at various retailers will get you an Ember plushie with the game. The colour of plushie that you get will depend on the retailer you pre-order from. This version of the game is slated for October 22nd.


Meanwhile, the collector’s edition of the game will go up for pre-order on Natsume’s online store later this month. The collector’s edition will come with a Pochica plushie—Pochica being your magical sprite partner in the game.


Hometown Story is also headed to Europe, courtesy of Rising Star Games. The European version will be available in Q1 2014.


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