Honkai Impact 3rd Dreamweaver Battlesuit Attacks Detailed

Honkai Impact 3rd Dreamweaver Battlesuit Attacks Detailed
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Ahead of the 6.6 update, HoYoVerse offered more details going over all the attacks the Honkai Impact 3rd Dreamweaver battlesuit for Misteln “Hare” Schariac will use. It specified she’s a MECH physical damage dealer. Her goal on the battlefield is to constantly attack. In addition, it went over how her Ultimate changes her form and playstyle. There will also be the Prophetic Dreams javelin in the Expansion Supply after 6.6, and there will be Alexandra (T, M, B) stigmatas designed for her. People can also craft a Mirage Spearhead javelin she can use.

The Dreamweaver Adaptability of Life normal attack has between three and four attacks, though the combo with four requires the Seeds of Idea from her weapon skill. If you used her Ultimate and she’s in her astral form, it always involves a four-hit combo. In addition to attack, she can use Seeds of Idea to defend. Her astral form’s weapon skill involves throwing spears.

The Dreamweaver battlesuit Ultimate in Honkai Impact 3rd is Transience of Dream. That causes physical damage and transforms her to her astral form. This lasts for a limited time, though you can physically choose to end it. It involves more physical damage and the potential for AOE attacks.

We also already know about another Honkai Impact 3rd battlesuit that will appear as part of the next update. The Terminal Aide 0017 for Number 17 is also going to be included in the patch. That will only be an SP battlesuit, however.

Honkai Impact 3rd is available on PCs and mobile devices, and the 6.6 update will launch in the near future and bring the Dreamweaver Battlesuit with it.

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