Honkai Impact 3rd Post Honkai Odyssey Open-World Update Teased

Honkai Impact Odyssey

The Honkai Impact 3rd open-world mode, A Post Honkai Odyssey, is about to get a new expansion. The update in the works will add new content, characters, and story details. The trailer was first shown at the conclusion of the game’s “Starfire Sonorant” concert livestream event.

Developer miHoYo also uploaded the teaser trailer to the official Honkai Impact 3rd Youtube channel.

The new Honkai Impact Post Honkai Odyssey chapter is titled “Stars Above Drowned Lands.” The teaser video is done in pre-rendered CG animation. It appears to feature a new character. A silver-haired woman with a bow-shaped weapon, she is not officially named yet. However, her design matches an earlier peek at a grown-up version of the character Bronya Zaychik.

This mode is based on the game’s existing open-world adventure mode. But unlike the normal gameplay, which takes place in distinct stages and arenas, it places players in a large locale with missions to accomplish. Nicknamed “APHO” by players, it is something of a story spin-off. Its missions lay the groundwork for future narrative developments that tie in to the events the main campaign. As per the title, A Post Honkai Odyssey takes place years after the apparent disappearance of the Honkai–the primary enemies in the game. Players control several characters exclusive to APHO like Adam, the only playable male character in the game, and a grown-up version of campaign mainstay Raiden Mei.

Honkai Impact 3rd is immediately available on mobile devices and PC. The “Stars Above Drowned Lands” update for A Post-Honkai Odyssey is due to release in early 2022.

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