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Honkai: Star Rail Stellar Shimmer Test Event Begins This Week

The Stellar Shimmer Test event is about to begin in Honkai: Star Rail. The new event will last from July 5-29, 2024.

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The Stellar Shimmer Test is a combat simulation taking place on the Herta Space Station location in Honkai: Star Rail. Players will be taking part in a series of combat challenges, each with their own unique twists. Each fight will offer bonuses based on specific criteria, such as increasing Break DMG for the party any time Skill Points are replenished. Trial characters will also be available for players to use.

The Stellar Shimmer Test will require players to be at least Trailblaze Level 21 before taking part in the event. New challenges will unlock each day during the event, for a total of eight stages. Each challenge will be available on two difficulties. Dwarf Star must be completed to unlock Supergiant Star, which adds more objectives for greater rewards. For example, Dwarf Star may only require you to defeat 2 waves of enemies, but Supergiant could request 3, 4 and 5 waves for each tier. Rewards for completing the event include a Tracks of Destiny item and 500 Stellar Jades. Other upgrade materials will also be awarded for completing the challenges.

The Stellar Shimmer Test is the latest Herta Space Station content to be added to Honkai: Star Rail. It follows the addition of the Divergent Universe mode, which was released as part of the Version 2.3 update.

Honkai: Star Rail is out now for PC, PS5 and mobile devices. The Stellar Shimmer Test event runs from July 5-29, 2024.

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