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Horror Exploration Game Creeping Terror Headed Westward In Fall 2017 For PC And 3DS



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Sushi Typhoon Games and Nikkatsu released the 3DS horror game Creeping Terror in Japan via eShop a while back and it was announced at Anime Expo 2017 that it’s headed to North America for PC and 3DS in Fall 2017.


Here’s the announcement trailer from the expo courtesy @RPGSite:



And here are details from Nikkatsu:

A player maneuvers the high school girl, Arisa, to explore “cave,” “tunnel,” and “old mansion.”


The story begins with the arrival of Arisa and her friends at an old mansion where a monster is believed to lurk.


Later, Arisa comes to her sense in the cave and finds herself alone.


She has no way of knowing a fate awaiting her.



Creeping Terror is available in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. The game is headed to North America on 3DS and PC in Fall 2017.

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