Horror Game The Padre Explores The Moments Before A Demon Hunting Priest’s Suicide


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Horror game The Padre has players exploring the time before a demon-hunting priest commits suicide, facing down creeping creatures with guns, fists, and holy power in hopes of changing the events that will bring about his end.


The Padre casts players as the monster-hunting holy man twelve hours before he kills himself.  Currently in a mansion rife with evil, players will need to deal with the constant danger of demonic attacks while also solving point & click puzzles, finding bits of information, and figuring out clues as to how they can avoid the priest’s incoming fate. Luckily, they have an extensive arsenal to use on the monsters, although spending a lot of time fighting them wastes the time between the priest and his death.

The Padre is animated using a voxel art style, aiming to give the game a blocky, surreal appearance as players face down quivering creatures and presences that will whittle down the mind.


The Padre is currently in development, slated for release in Q1 2018.

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