Horror Manga Artist Junji Ito Was Collaborating With Silent Hills

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While Konami cancelled the development of Silent Hills a few months ago, there are still some new details surrounding the game’s development that has recently surfaced, with the latest being horror manga artist Junji It’s involvement with the project. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]


It started with some words from Guillermo del Toro who tweeted “JUNJI ITO, undisputed master of horror in Japan (along with Hino and Tsubaki) and our collaborator in SILENT HILL (S)”


Junji Ito followed up with his own tweets, saying that he was indeed part of the project the year before last, alongside Hideo Kojima. Ito then explains that he’s been to a staff meeting with Kojima, Kojima Productions, and Guillermo del Toro, but since he’s never been great with such meetings it ended without him being able to say much.


“I’m not well-versed when it comes to video games, and I wasn’t very confident on whether I’d be able to contribute much for such a big title as Silent Hill, but Hideo Kojima and del Toro have nothing but my gratitude for having called me [for this project],” tweeted Ito.


Unfortunately, since Silent Hills was cancelled, we won’t know what could’ve been with the like of Junji Ito working alongside the developers, but you can definitely see some inspiration of his work in the concept movie for P.T. and Silent Hills that was shorn at Tokyo Game Show 2014.


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