Horror Shooter Is Based On The Island Of Doctor Moreau



H.G. Wells’ The Island of Doctor Moreau, a novel of creating human-like hybrids from animals through vivisection, is the inspiration for horror shooter Heathen.




An English expedition has landed on the island, finding the old works of Dr Moreau, as well as many of the half-human, half-animal creatures he created. One member of the expedition chooses to continue Moreau’s research, creating hundreds of creatures before losing control of the island to them.




Players will take on the role of one of those beasts, using stealth, guns, or their own animal-like powers to fight the other creatures and claim the island. Players will also have to solve puzzles and riddles to complete their passage through the island.



Heathen is raising Greenlight votes for a projected release sometime in 2017.

Alistair Wong
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