How Battles Work In Fate/Grand Order



Fate/Grand Order, the upcoming smartphone RPG by Type-Moon is releasing later this month, and the official website updates with some details on the game’s story and how the battles are played.


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The story of Fate/Grand Order is said to boast plenty of volume, and is told in visual novel style as most of the series.


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To give you an idea how much storytelling the game has to offer, the main story has seven chapters, which take place in seven different eras.


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You’ll play as a Master in the game, and there are numerous Servants, each with their own personal scenarios. Deepening your bond with them will also play a big role in the advancement of their scenario.



In battle, you’ll order three Servants in turn-based combat. The battles consist of a Tactical Phase and a Command Phase. After you, the Master, choose a command, the Servants will attack. Afterwards, the enemies will attack, and that completes a turn.


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During the Tactical Phase, Servants can use their skills, which area learned through experience or from deepening their bond with the Master. Additionally, Masters can also use their own skill to support the Servants.



In the Command Phase, you’ll draw five cards from the Command Deck, which determine the possible actions you can select. These come in “Quick,” “Arts,” and “Buster” cards, and you can choose three card actions with the corresponding characters.


The decks are made of 15 cards based on the Servants that are in your party. The types of Servants you have in the party will have a major impact in your strategy.



Getting three different cards for the same character results in a “Brave Chain,” which allows for an additional attack.


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Getting three of the same card type also results in their own bonuses:

  • Quick Chain: increases the Servant’s critical rate for the next turn’s attack.

  • Arts Chain: increases the the rate the NP (Noble Phantasm) gauge fills up, which allows Servants to use their Noble Phantasm.

  • Buster Chain: vastly increases the attacking power of the Servants, which allows them to do much more damage than regular attacks.

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By choosing three card types with the same characters, you’ll get the normal effect from the bonus plus an additional extra attack, similar to the Brave Chain effect.



All Servants have their trump cards called the Noble Phantasm. They’re basically their own special attacks. They require NP points to use.



By getting two or more Servants to activate their Noble Phantasms at the same time, it will amplify its effects. In addition to Heroic Spirits seen in past Fate games, there will be new Servants with their own Noble Phantasm.


Fate/Grand Order will launch in Japan in July 2015 for Android and iPhone.

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