How Dark Souls II Makes Death More Punishing

Because players spent a lot of time running around safely dead in the original Dark Souls, Dark Souls II changes things up a bit with new punishments. The more you die while undead, the more your total health will decrease all the way down to 50% of your maximum health and the more your character’s image will degrade. If you continue dying while already dead your character’s skin will start to decompose and hair will fall out.

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This undead player has a lock on its HP gauge.


Whereas the original Dark Souls required humanity points to restore a dead character’s humanity, in Dark Souls II, you can return to your original, attractive form and full amount of health by using an item called a Human Effigy.



Another surprising change to life as a dead man is that the dead can now be invaded. Coupled with the loss of health that comes with multiple deaths, it seems pretty intimidating. Don’t worry though, that’s what the Way of the Blue covenant is for. If you’re a member of this covenant and you get invaded, you can call in a Blue Sentinel, a more skilled, powerful player wearing a certain item in their game, to take care of the invader for you.




Dark Souls II comes out on March 11 for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 with the PC version slated for release shortly afterwards.

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