How Demon Gaze Makes Dungeon Crawling Friendlier

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Dungeon crawling games are tough for players who haven’t dived into the genre before. Kadokawa Games tried to make the experience easier to get into with Demon Gaze, a dungeon RPG for PlayStation Vita. Demon Gaze has many useful features, such as auto-mapping. The mini and expanded maps can be viewed at any time, so players won’t have to worry about getting lost. There’s also a neat ‘Auto-pilot’ feature, that will automatically take players to any previously visited areas.



Additionally, there’s another useful feature called the Gazer Memo. By using the Magical Chalk, players can map out their dungeon routes to find certain treasures or just as a way to find the next floor. It can then be shared with your friends that are playing Demon Gaze through the PlayStation Vita, as a way to network and help one another with personally made guides. Definitely useful for showing others where dangerous bosses are located.


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While exploring dungeons, players might come across a ‘Treasure Hunting Circle’. The circle is a special spot where players can insert specific ‘Gems’ to spawn monsters. Gems can be purchased at the inn and they all have their unique features. Certain Gems can be used to spawn monsters that will drop specific weapons or items.



There’s also the ‘Demon Circle’, where players will have to prepare for a tough battle against a demon in rampage mode. When the fight is over, the demon will drop a Demon Key, which possesses the power of the Demon within, and can be used to summon demons in battle.


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Demon Gaze’s ally demons come in three different variants; offensive, defensive and exploring types. Each with their unique abilities, they will help out the players as a sixth member of the party as a powerful ally. However, the demons will have a demon gauge which lowers each turn. When completely depleted, the demon will go in rampage mode. During rampage mode, its health and attack gets a huge boost, but it will attack both allies and enemies. Oz will acquire a certain skill later in the game, which will allow him to control demons in rampage mode.


Demon Gaze was released yesterday on PlayStation Vita.

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