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How Did Kirby: Triple Deluxe Get Its Name?


Did you ever wonder how Kirby Triple Deluxe got its name? Director Shinya Kumazaki shared a little insight on this front via a Miiverse post that explains just how the game’s title came together. Here’s what he said:


By the way, have you ever wondered how we came up with the game title?


Well, we started with a variety of ideas. One was a title that would reflect the game’s theme of an adventure through floating islands. Another idea was to use the letter “X”, since this is the tenth traditional Kirby platformer.


We also wanted to find a title that reflects the game’s full use of Nintendo 3DS features, such as the 3D function, motion sensors and StreetPass. Something short and catchy that we could use all around the world. That’s how we came up with the title “3DX” – in other words, “Triple Deluxe”!


It felt like a good match for the Hypernova Inhale ability, a truly “deluxe” feature designed to make the basic Inhale ability more satisfying and dynamic than ever. It also fitted well with the fact that King Dedede (3 “De”s) plays an important role in the story for the first time in quite a while!


Kirby Triple Deluxe was released last year for the Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo also released two eShop games based on two of the minigames in the platformer at cheaper price points.

Ishaan Sahdev
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