How God Eater 2’s New Charge Spear Works

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Bandai Namco Games recently revealed a new God Eater 2 character, Gilbert McLane. He’s part of a Special Forces group known as Blood an affiliate of Fenrir. His 5 years of combat experience and skilled use of the Charge Spear has made him a valuable asset for the rest of humanity in their war against the Aragami.




The Charge Spear will be used as a hit & run style weapon, as it can do some devastating damage, but it’ll also leave you open to enemy attacks if you miss. The basic Thrust Attack will require pinpoint accuracy to land critical hits. Alternatively, there’s the horizontally swiping Cleave Attack, for taking out smaller foes and landing guaranteed hits.




The Aerial Thrust Attack can be performed by running towards your opponent and jumping for a Thrust Attack in mid-air. Holding down the square button will initiate the Charge Glide. Once you release the button, the player will dash towards the enemy for a powerful hit, which can be followed up with an additional attack upon impact. Charge Spear users can also perform a back flip action, used to jump backwards to gain some distance away from the enemy, which will definitely come in handy for its hit & run play style.

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