How Hammerhoods Were Dragon Quest Builders 2’s True Gods of Destruction, For A Few Days

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When you think of Hammerhoods from the Dragon Quest series, the innocent face of a hammer-wielding chump might come to mind, but for a couple days it was the face of destruction in Dragon Quest Builders 2.


To give you a basic idea what happened last month in Dragon Quest Builders 2, Square Enix released an update that included a fix for the spawn rate of Iron Ants and Scorpions that were giving players trouble by drawing aggro from a distance. However, this fix inadvertently created bigger problems with an abnormal spawn rate of Hammerhoods.


The topic was recently brought up by a new player who asked “It seems like there are some people that are holding grudges towards Hammerhoods. What’s up with that?”


“I think it’s better not to know, but during an earlier version, they were coming out of the ground and just destroying walls while in a neutral state,” responded one fan. “They destroyed the crap out of the landform, all with an innocent face. When I first encountered one of the areas they were in, it was messed up with caves all over the place from destroyed blocks, I’ll never forgive them,” responded another.


“The problem wasn’t about the Hammerhoods in battle, but if they even walked into a wall they would just destroy it,” one user explained. “I’ve seen them break their way through castle walls.”



Basically, Hammerhoods were being spawned in massive numbers and were causing destruction regardless of distance while in a neutral state, so they were slowly destroying the world one block at a time.


Others had their own bits to share about our hooded friends:


  • “That feeling when I moved my house and farm to an area Soul Moles couldn’t reach only to have it get destroyed by Hammerhoods.”


  • “God of Destruction, Hammerhood.”


  • “Malroth who can’t even destroy blocks is a scrub in comparison.”


  • “Hammerhoods are seriously the worst. I was in the middle of crafting stuff on a bench and all this water came splashing down on me from out of nowhere. I had no idea what happened, until I saw a Hammerhood just drifting along the way.”


  • “At first I thought they were harmless so it wasn’t a big deal, but they were actually the number one worst. I went on mountains I’ve never climbed before and saw countless rock blocks scattered about because of them. I wouldn’t even be fighting them, but before I knew it they would quietly destroy on their own and leave behind stuff like a couple chain pieces. It’s also annoying that they’re difficult to notice.”



You can check out the god of destruction at work in the above video. Fortunately, the game was patched and the Hammerhoods have been fixed, but several players in Japan still mourn their losses and hold grudges. Oddly enough, on the other hand, some appreciated the sense of chaos the destructive Hammerhoods brought to the game.


Dragon Quest Builders 2 releases in North America and Europe on July 12, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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