How Jump Attacks Will Revolutionize The Hunt in Monster Hunter 4

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Capcom recently shed some info on the addition of a new jump attack system in Monster Hunter 4. For the first time ever, players will be able to perform powerful mid-air attacks as they strike down their foes from above by dashing off ledges or falling off cliffs to land attacks as they make contact.

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Every weapon in Monster Hunter 4 will have unique jump attacks. Some may be easier to pull off while others may be harder to time but will inflict more damage. If performed right, there will be a chance the monster gets stunned. This gives the player a chance to jump on top and attack with a knife. Each stab fills up a a gauge and the helpless monster is flipped over and open to another beating when the gauge is full.


Here’s a look at the new jump attacks for each weapon:


mh4_jump_1 mh4_jump_2

"Souchuukon" (Insect Weapon) – What makes this one stand out above the rest is the ability to perform jumps in a pole vault like fashion, without the need of a higher platform, to land a powerful slam. This will definitely be useful in flat ground areas and give a mobility edge to "Souchuukon" users.



Great Sword – The Great Sword will have a powerful downward slash as their jump attack. Previously, Great Sword users had to master timing the full charge and relied on that as their go-to move. The addition of a new jump attack will add more options to Great Sword hunters.



Long Sword – Similar to the Great Sword, the Long Sword will have its own mid-air attack with the ability to perform a powerful jumping Spirit Slash after filling up the Spirit Gauge by striking down enemies.



Sword and Shield – The S&S will have a simple yet strong jump attack. With the addition of the whirlwind slash and the new timed attack, the strong jump attack will bring some more damage output for the previously underpowered Sword and Shield.



Dual Sword – Dual Sword users will have more moves in their repertoire their new jump attack. The player can enter Demonization mode to perform an acrobatic mid-air whirlwind slashing move that can even include a finishing blow to top it off.



Hammer – Players will be able to charge their hammer and release it after a jump to land a devastating fully charged blow on the monster as they make contact. This feature will add more depth to hammer users as they’ll be able to aim for the heads of some monsters that may have previously been harder to reach.



Hunting Horn – The Hunting Horn will be similar to the Hammer minus the charge but it will be easier to time and inflict more damage as a regular hit in its jumping Recital Slam attack.



Lance – The Lance will be one of only two weapons (the other being the "Souchuukon") that can perform jump attacks without the need of a platform, giving them even more of a reach and distance advantage. Players will also be able to do a charging attack off a platform to land a piercing attack.


mh4_jump_10 mh4_jump_11

Gunlance – Although the weapon may look similar to the Lance, its jump attack is quite different. Gunlancers will be able to jump off a ledge and land a smash attack followed up with a full burst finish as a powerful combo. They can also go straight to the full burst attack off a jump.



Light/Heavy Bowgun – The new addition of being able to reload while jumping will keep the momentum going for the Bowgunners out there as they’ll be ready to fire once they hit the ground. The two gunner types will share this feature but may vary in reload speed.



Switch Axe – Will have the ability to perform a switch attack in mid-air from Axe to Sword or Sword to Axe mode, making an already versatile weapon have even more uses.

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