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How Many Knife Pokes Does It Take To Defeat Resident Evil: Revelation’s Ooze?


re1 I played the Resident Evil: Revelations demo from the eShop too and it’s a Japanese version of what I saw at E3. The trial version begins with Jill waking up in a locked room on a "Ghost Ship." Well, the Queen Zenobia wasn’t always haunted and swarming with the Ooze, the enemies in this Resident Evil game. It’s actually a luxury cruise liner.


Jill awakens trapped inside a room, which she can escape by using a screwdriver found by draining murky water from a bathtub. Emptying the tub also awakens an Ooze hiding inside a wardrobe who lurches towards the player. Jill has ten bullets in her handgun to start with and it takes seven body shots to take the monster down. If you run out of ammunition (and it seems like you will in Resident Evil: Revelations) you have to resort to your survival knife. Curious, I wanted to see how effective the knife is, so I decided to poke an Ooze to death.


It took 19 stabs and two kicks.


While not nearly as powerful as a handgun, the knife is still an effective weapon since Jill extends and retracts the weapon quickly. You can move while stabbing and assigned to the X button unless you equip grenades.


Ooze defeated, I continued through the Ghost Ship and shot another Ooze that crawled under a bookcase in the library. I exited the room and walked down a hallway where a green herb and shotgun with two shells were waiting for me. A perfect combination to take down the double Ooze assault in the next room.


re2 Resident Evil: Revelations has boxy environments more akin to the original game than the open fields in Resident Evil 4. You don’t have much room to maneuver or dodge. The dining room was the first wide area in the demo, although tables acted as obstacles. Capcom hid a Bio Sensor in this area, which players can use to find extra items. You scan a room the same way you would use a gun, hold R to bring up the scanner and press Y to lock on to a hidden item. Using the scanner, I found extra ammo, green herbs, and grenades in the demo.


A new Ooze with long claws guarded an elevator. This monster swung its arms at Jill and I retailed with grenades (thanks Bio Scanner!). I stepped into the elevator and met up with Parker who ran ahead. They meet up in a control room where a tugboat suddenly explodes and a red haired man grabs Jill from behind! She breaks free by kicking him in the face and following up with an elbow to the kidneys. The Resident Evil: Revelations demo ends with Raymond Vester pulling a gun on the duo much to their surprise.

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