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How Metal Gear Solid Artist Yoji Shinkawa Was Recruited For Left Alive


left alive

Recently, Left Alive producer Shinji Hashimoto gave an interview at Gamescom, speaking on how the partnership with Zone of the Enders and Metal Gear Solid artist and character designer Yoji Shinkawa came about. [Thanks, Dualshockers!]


According to Hashimoto, he’s known Hideo Kojima for over ten years, and he is someone he respects a lot in the industry. Due to his involvement in Square Enix’s merchandising division, which has done Metal Gear Solid figures, he’s built up trust with both Kojima and Shinkawa. As a result of them leaving Konami and their long relationship, it was easy to ask Shinkawa to help out with Left Alive. As Hashimoto puts it, “Timing worked out very well.”


As for whether Kojima will be directly involved in Left Alive, Hashimoto mentions that the director is probably very busy with Death Stranding, although he didn’t close the door on the possibility. “Maybe we could discuss something in the future,” said Hashimoto.


Left Alive is in development for PlayStation 4 and PC. Recently, director Toshifumi Nabeshima gave info on how the game will play, which you can find in our previous report here.

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