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How Much Has Daily Training Improved in Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.6?

The Version 1.6 Update for Honkai: Star Rail is full of exciting new additions, including Ruan Mei, Pure Fiction, and you can even play as Peppy the Dog at some point! But with all these additions, one stood out to me more than any other: the changes to Daily Training.

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It’s a small thing to get excited about, but I have my reasons. I finished the story of Honkai: Star Rail up to the end of Version 1.0 before putting the game down. This allowed me to play other things until more updates were added. Except I didn’t come back when the updates were added. I consistently got distracted by other games until, eventually I finally came back to the game partway through Version 1.5’s updates.

This created a huge backlog of quests. Several months of events had happened, and now my mission log scrolled on forever. This wasn’t a huge problem on its own, as most of these were Companion Missions which could be spaced out across a few sessions in between other games. At least, in theory, that’s what I should have been able to do, but Daily Training kept slowing that goal down.

While daily rewards aren’t essential to Honkai: Star Rail, it felt detrimental to ignore them. You earn some decent rewards by doing Daily Training, usually, items for leveling characters or Light Cones, so it’s worth keeping up with it. However, these daily tasks become a problem if you’re trying to chip away at several months of quests at the same time.

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For starters, the Daily Training was split into two lists – the Interastral Guide and Nameless Honor. That’s a lot of tasks to complete! These tasks covered a range of different aspects of the game, but usually, the game would ask me to use 150 Trailblaze Power. This requires completing Calyxes, Echoes of War, Stagnant Shadows, and the Simulated Universe. While these are all useful things to be doing due to the rewards they offer, they are also time consuming.

Having to do these every day while also trying to clear out my quest list suddenly made the game feel daunting to return to. This is why I was excited to hear that there would be adjustments to the Daily Training in Version 1.6. However, the details were vague. The announcement in the Special Program simply stated that MiHoYo would “ease the completion difficulty of Daily Training” and didn’t really go into further details. I was curious how much impact this would have because any change to this system would be welcome.

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.6 was finally released, and I instantly loaded up the game to check out how much it had changed. I instantly noticed one major difference – a bonus for simply logging into the game was now on the Interastral Guide, meaning that 100 points of the 500 required to complete it for the day are just handed to you. This had me curious, though. What about the login bonus on Nameless Honor? Was that still there?

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It was not. In fact, the Daily Missions section of Nameless Honor is entirely gone, leaving behind just the weekly and seasonal tasks. Now, all Daily Training is done through the Interastral Guide, which means you only need to collect the 500 points required to clear that to unlock the day’s rewards. It’s only one list now instead of two. What’s on the Interastral Guide now, though?

Obviously, the login bonus is a huge boost, but I instantly found that synthesizing a single item and sending characters on assignments also handed me 100 points each. These are both tasks that can be done in seconds through menus. What’s more, they feed into each other, as items earned through assignments can be used to make higher-level items in the Omni-Synthesizer.

So that’s 300 points earned for Daily Training in seconds. The obvious choice left is to pick up the Daily Mission, which would give me 200 and, therefore, complete the Interastral Guide for the day. I selected the mission, picked up a message in a bottle, and returned it to the quest giver. A literal five-minute job and my Daily Training is done. It’s a huge contrast to what I was asked to do in the past.

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However, this initially felt too good to be true. After all, there were two possible tasks on the list that made me hesitate to celebrate. The Trailblaze Power one is still there, as is a task to go through the Simulated Universe. My fear was that these would end up being mandatory on some days. However, I was delighted to discover that my second day of challenges was exactly the same as the first. Meaning that now two lists of tasks that could take me almost an hour to beat had been permanently whittled down to five minutes.

Plus, the Weekly Missions have also seen an overhaul due to the reduction in Daily Training. Now, there is a persistent Trailblaze EXP unlock for every 100 Trailblaze Power you use, up to a maximum of 1400. This is still a lot of work, but now this can be spent on my own terms. I can load up a weekend session of the game to go through Calyxes instead of feeling required to do this every day. The choice is entirely in my hands now.

In other words, the Daily Training changes in Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.6 are huge. I expected a small change. Maybe the Trailblaze Power required would be reduced, or there would be an easy option for some battles. I didn’t expect the entire list to be condensed down to a blip. It’s a huge welcome change and one that’s made the prospect of clearing that quest list much less daunting.

Honkai: Star Rail is out now for PC, mobile devices and PS5.

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