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How Nippon Ichi Trolled Us With A Teaser-ception For Exile Election



Nippon Ichi Software recently revealed a game called Exile Election, or Tsuiho Senkyo, about a week ago. It started out with a silhouette featuring 11 characters and upon visiting the teaser site, it showed some blood splatters covering the screen.


No further details were shared on the mystery game, which was eventually revealed in Famitsu as Exile Election, a PS4 and PS Vita visual novel death game that involves “elections” to decide on who lives and who dies. The game was revealed to have “12+1 characters” so the initial teaser didn’t click until the site updated with the picture you see above, featuring 12 characters (and the “+1” is a robot mascot thing that isn’t in the image).


Not long after Nippon Ichi updated the teaser site with a look at Exile Election’s characters, they opened yet another teaser site. You might remember seeing it as a teaser with the hint of the number “7” and the letter “E” from a few days ago. No further information was shared other than it being listed as a console game in the URL.





As the days went by, we’ve realized that the new game wasn’t about the number “7” or the letter “E,” but it was actually a countdown that eventually added more letters spelling the word “Revenge.” Sounds pretty sweet so far, right?


And finally, the day of the reveal has come, and this is what was shown on the page:



A double-dip teaser for Exile Election. So I apologize to those of you who were looking forward to a possible Eureka Seven game or a next-generation 7-Eleven simulator, and I must say: well played, Nippon Ichi.


However… one mystery still remains. Upon inspecting what appears to be two identical images with different backgrounds, we see one character (the one in white to the left of the green-haired umbrella girl) take on two different appearances for both sides.


In any case, we’ll likely find out more when the official website opens on January 21. And thanks, Hachima for the heads up.


Exile Election releases in Japan on April 27, 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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