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How to Beat Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater

The Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater is an endgame mode similar to the Spiral Abyss, in which players use their teams to beat various stages of enemies for rewards. If you’ve played Honkai: Star Rail, some of its features will look similar to the Simulated Universe. Here is everything you need to know about how to overcome the Imaginarium Theater.

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How do I succeed in the Genshin Impact Imaginarium Theater?

Imaginarium Theater is a permanent game mode in Genshin Impact, serving as an alternative to the Spiral Abyss. You’ll be confronted with various stages of enemies which you must defeat with your characters and a variety of trial characters. It is located in the Knight of Favonius building in Mondstadt.

the Season Rules screen for the Imaginarium Theatre. It tells us that only Pyro, Electro, and Anemo characters may be used. Featured characters are Arlecchini, Thoma, Chlorinde, Shinobu, Wanderer, and Faruzan
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Every few weeks, the Imaginarium Theater features new Season Rules, similar to how the Spiral Abyss resets. Season Rules dictate what kinds of characters are allowed to compete in the mode. For example, if the Season Rules say that only Electro, Anemo, and Pyro characters are allowed to participate, then you will only be able to play characters like Fischl, Raiden Shogun, Kazuha, Wanderer, Diluc, and Klee. Every new Season will give you the ability to choose between a few different trial characters, called Special Guest Characters. If you already own a Special Guest Character, you’re able to choose between playing as the trial character or your own.

When you first start a run of the Imaginarium Theater, you will be given the option of six Opening Characters, picked from the trial characters and your own. These are the characters who you will start your run with. Each character can only be used for two battles.

Next, you choose your Alternate Cast. These are the characters who will be randomly added to your team later on in the run. They will be added to your roster after each battle and after selecting Boons, which will grant you a character in between battles.

If you’re familiar with Honkai: Star Rail, then you’re probably familiar with the Imaginarium Theater’s Supporting Cast feature. This feature lets you select up to seven characters that other players on your friends list can borrow for their runs in the Imaginarium Theater. In return, you can use your friends’ characters in combat as well. Note that friends can only borrow characters who fit the elemental type requirements.

Before starting a run with the Imaginarium Theater, you have the option of selecting your difficulty between Easy Mode, Normal Mode, and Hard Mode. The higher you make your difficulty, the enemies will be higher level and there will be more boss enemies. However, you will also get more rewards.

Illustrated chards displaying the optional boons for purchase
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How do Boons work in Imaginarium Theater?

As you complete different stages in the Imaginarium Theater, you will gain Fantasia Flowers, a kind of currency used to purchase boons and to add characters to your team. You can get more by completing certain objectives from each stage, such as defeating all enemies within 60 seconds or defeating a certain amount of enemies with certain elements.

Fantasia Flowers can be used to purchase different effects, which can help you in future fights. You can also use them to add new characters to your team. These boons will appear as little cards in between each stage. Sometimes free boons will also appear, so make sure to collect them when they do.

Once you have selected all the boons you want or can afford, you’re able to choose which opponent you face next. This is typically between two options.

Faruzan uses her Elemental Burst and enemies explode with elemental energy.
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Tips For Beating The Imaginarium Theater

  • If you don’t own many high level characters or have a hard time getting through each stage, save your trial characters to the end of the run so they can take down the tougher opponents. Similarly, I recommend you save your best characters for the big boss fights.
  • Make sure that your Alternate Cast includes characters that will fill different roles. In other words, don’t just pick a bunch of main DPS characters. Make sure to pick healers, shielders, sub-DPS, and support characters.
  • When selecting your opponents for the next stage, always pick the one that you think your team will have an easier time beating.
  • If you fail a particular stage, you’ll be able to change the team that you used. If you’re having a hard time beating it, consider switching up your team.
  • This game mode primarily serves players who have been around a while and who have spent years perfecting their characters’ builds. If you’re a new or more casual player, you will likely find that Normal and Hard Modes might be too challenging. If you have a hard time with them, it may be best to stick to Easy Mode.

Genshin Impact is now available on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, PC, and mobile devices.

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