How to Beat the Disgaea 7 Episode 1 Boss Big Bull
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How to Beat the Disgaea 7 Episode 1 Boss

As with past Disgaea games, Disgaea 7 follows a format where each chapter is classified as an episode and features a boss at the end. So while there may be a midboss along the way, there’s still a greater challenge. The thing about this installment is that unlike Disgaea 6, it really does go back to the series’ roots. As such, the Disgaea 7 Episode 1 Heavy Knight Big Bull boss might actually throw someone for a loop. Fortunately, he’s easy to overcome if you handle the Geo Panels first.

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How to Beat the Disgaea 7 Episode Chapter 1 Boss Big Bull
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Which units should I take into the fight against Big Bull in Disgaea 7?

Since this is the very first “chapter” of the game, you probably won’t have a lot of units on hand! You also might not have done a lot of level grinding, so your units may be around level 5. You might only have Fuji, Pirilika, a Cleric, a Valkyrie, and a Prinny on your side.

What I recommend doing is, if you haven’t already, making two ranged generic units. Your goal is going to be to destroy the Geo Symbol behind Big Bull that is granting a 50% boost to him and his archers. A Witch and a Bandit or Thief would work, for example. If you don’t have the 480 HL necessary to make them Average units, going with 120 HL Incompetent ones are fine for now. (You can always reincarnate them later, if you end up using them a lot.) 

Screenshot by Siliconera
Screenshot by Siliconera

So how I defeat the Episode 1 boss in Disgaea 7?

Big Bull is both the first real boss fight and a tutorial in the Disgaea 7 “Battle Against the Protection Magistrate” map! Your goal here is to learn how to use Hell Mode by getting Fuji, who now wields the Infernal Treasure Kanzan Musashi, to the end of the map to defeat the enemy. The Hell Gauge is already full, as such, so it’s really about dealing with that Geo Symbol, then getting Fuji positioned behind Big Bull to use Divine Kanzan. 

The Petite Orcs aren’t too much trouble, even with the +50% Def Geo Panel effect. (On the plus side, this affects your units as well.) The two gunners on either side are a little annoying. However, both Pirilika and Fuji have the movement range and jumping ability to deal with them. 

I recommend taking out the Enemy Boost Geo Symbol before hitting Big Bull with Fuji. If you do, then odds are you’ll have a one-hit knock out by using Divine Kanzan on Big Bull from behind. Pirilika honestly may be able to take out that Geo Symbol on her own, but it’s nice to have the support of a mage-type generic unit or Thief just in case. 

Note that Big Bull will only be the boss on the first run. When you revisit this map, a generic enemy from the same “type” as him will appear. Also, the Hell Gauge will not be full at the outside like it was during the initial challenge.

Disgaea 7 is available on the PS4, PS5, Switch, and PC in North America. It will come to Europe on October 6, 2023 and Australia on October 13, 2023.  

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