How to Beat the Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen
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How to Beat the Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen

The world of Axiom in Lords of the Fallen has many powerful foes you have to fight in order to progress the story. However, there are also many optional boss fights that are hidden throughout the game. One of these bosses you will encounter when you’ve left the game’s earlier stages is the Mendacious Visage. While he is far from the toughest enemy you will face, the boss encounter is an excellent way to earn Vigor and find secrets along the map. Here is your guide to defeating the Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen.

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Where to find the Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen

The Mendacious Visage is found within the Forsaken Fens area in Lords of the Fallen. The best Vestige to start at is the Vestige of Valade. Going through the path ahead of it will quickly lead you to a bonfire at the center of the village. If you have passed through the Forsaken Fens earlier in your game, you might already have access to the shortcut door to the left of the main path. To the north of this, there will be a plank path below thatch arches. Keep going through this until you reach a lake. Finally, enter the Umbral Realm to cross the body of water. Go forward until you find a grass wall you must cut through.

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Once here, cut your way forward until you reach a pale statue. To the left of the monument is a door leading to a pit with an enemy on stilts. Go past this foe and go to the right until you reach a door that must be Soulflayed to pass. This is the entrance to the Mendacious Visage’s arena.

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Right next to the boss’s entrance is a raised ladder that leads to the next bonfire. As there is a good chance you won’t be taking the Visage down on your first try, kick the ladder down to give you quick access back to the arena.

What is the Moveset of the Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen?

The Mendacious Visage is a fairly slow mini-boss with a short attack range. Unlike earlier bosses such as Pieta, who had a wide moveset and a second phase, the Mendacious Visage is one of the more straightforward fights in the game with an overall basic moveset.

Below is a list of every Mendacious Visage attack and how to counter them:

  • Leap attack: The boss jumps forward towards you and lands with an AoE circle of damage. Once you see him start to jump, immediately use the dodge button to avoid his leap.
  • Stomp attack: Visage reels back for a solid window of time before pounding the ground in front of him. To avoid this, you must time his animation and doge to the side a second before he slams down.
  • Charge attack: The boss runs at you into a wall. This does heavy damage but is easy to dodge, leaving him vulnerable afterward. Like his stomp attack, you will need to time when he’s about to run at you and dodge sideways.
  • Frostbite bolts: Visage occasionally opens up his face, making him vulnerable. However, this is when he will begin firing his frostbite spells. After winding up, he will shoot out a spray of bolts that build up frostbite damage. Although the missiles track you, they are slow and are easy to pass between. Keep your distance from the boss to give you enough time to pass between them. Both of his frostbite attacks will fill up a meter that halves your stamina for a considerable duration when full, significantly reducing your mobility and ability to get attacks in.
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How to beat Mendacious Visage in Lords of the Fallen

During your face-off against the Mendacious Visage, stay on guard but be ready to attack. This fight will start in the Umbral Realm, as that is the only way to enter the boss arena. Unfortunately, this means you will have to deal with wither being applied to your character, which reduces the power of your Sanguinarix. Although Mendacious Visage is less mobile than other bosses, you should still be constantly moving.

When his face is closed, he will be completely immune to damage from the front. Whenever he does his stomp or leap attacks, he will be vulnerable from behind for long enough to get two or three good swings in. Always dodge to the side during his melee attacks, and then use this window to damage him. The same goes for his charge attack if you can stay close enough to him without getting hit. 

After he opens his mask up, you should be cautious when attacking, as this is when he uses his frostbite spells. You will eventually overcome him if you keep up your rhythm while fighting the Mendacious Visage. Defeating him will earn you a hefty amount of Vigor and the unique Precision Hammer, a powerful melee weapon.

Lords of the Fallen is available for the PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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