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How to Bond Transfer in Rise of the Ronin

With plenty of customization options for weapons and gear in Rise of the Ronin, players can optimize their loadout. One technique for getting the most out of your weapons in Rise of the Ronin is the Bond Transfer.

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How to use Bond Jewel in Rise of the Ronin – Bond Transfer explained

Bond Transfer is a strategic type of upgrade that allows players to transfer special effects from one weapon to another. This process is carried out at blacksmiths found within the game. Whether it’s a weapon with good buffs or just enhancing one -with better base stats, Bond Transfer can keep an older weapon going longer.

The first step in executing a Bond Transfer is obtaining a Bond Jewel. These valuable items can be purchased from merchants, found in chests, or earned as completion rewards. Once you have the Bond Jewel, take it to any blacksmith. You should see the option for Bond Transfer right on the main menu.

You’ll choose the weapon or gear that will receive the transferred special effects, known as the Destination Item. You’ll then choose the Transfer Item, which has the effect you’re looking to send over. You may select any normal abilities to send over, however you cannot transfer the golden set bonuses some weapons have. Keep this in mind as you plan out your upgrades.

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Some notes, in addition to the Bond Jewel the process also costs some money and materials. The amount required in all three resources is dependent on the items involved in the Bond Transfer. Something else to be mindful of: the Source Item in every Bond Transfer will be destroyed at the end of the transaction.

While Bond Transfer may require multiple resources, the benefits are often worth the cost. Enhancing weapons with hand-chosen special effects tailors an arsenal to a preferred playstyle. Bond Transfer in Rise of the Ronin is just a further customization option for players. By leveraging this technique wisely with upgrades, you can keep a weapon you like going for a long time.

Rise of the Ronin is available exclusively on the PS5.

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