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How to Capture Depresso in Palworld

New players and returning ones are jumping into Palworld after June 27, 2024 get to take advantage of the new Sakurajima Island update. After securing clothing, a weapon, and a base of operations, you can go on the hunt for Pals to join your party. However, some Pals are difficult to find and capture on the Palpagos Islands. Here’s how to find and subdue one of Depresso in Palworld.

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Palworld Depresso
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Depresso is number 17 of the many pals in Palworld. This Dark elemental pal walks around looking somber and, as its name suggests, depressed. It benefits serve us well in combat, as well as at bases.

Due to its Dark element, Depresso is reliable in battle against neutral pals. However, this does mean it is weak to Dragon type pals. The Partner Skill Caffeine Inoculation gives the character a speed boost after consuming large amounts of energy drinks. Depresso has Work Suitabilities in handiwork, mining, and transporting. This makes it a great base occupant to mine stone, ore, and other minerals. 

How do I find and capture Depresso in Palworld?

Depresso is a nocturnal Pal only found roaming the Palpagos Islands at night. Locating it is simple, as it spawns in many areas on the map. I’ve found the most common places to find Depresso are listed below:

  • Ascetic Falls
  • Forgotten Island
  • Investigator’s Fork
  • Sakurajima Island
  • Sea Breeze Archipelago
  • Windswept Hills

Every new player spawns at the Plateau of Beginnings east of Windswept Hills. As such, Depresso can be found at the beginning of your playthrough.

Palworld Depresso Stats
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Subduing Depresso is relatively simple for new players. Its levels are low enough that a few punches can lower its life enough for a successful capture. You only need a normal Pal Sphere to enlist the perpetually scowling Pal to your team. Be careful at higher levels when farming Depresso, however. Due to its low levels, it’s quite easy to knock out if your level exceeds it. If you do kill it, Depresso drops a maximum of two Venom Glands used to make poison weapons such as bows and arrows.

Depresso is one of many Pals in the early stages of Palworld. While its levels are not as high as other pals in the game it is still worth having a few in your Paldeck.

Palworld is on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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