Moonstone Island Ice Spirits
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How to Catch Ice Spirits in Moonstone Island

Ice Spirits are one of the trickier Spirits to find in Moonstone Island. Unlike other Spirit types, their appearance isn’t dependent on a location, but a specific time of year.

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Moonstone Island Ice Spirits
Screenshot by Siliconera

Where to Find Ice Spirits in Moonstone Island

Ice Spirits appear for exactly one season during the Moonstone Island year. As you might expect, this season is Winter, where islands freeze over and snow appears as a weather condition. This causes Ice Spirits to spawn throughout the world. Sadly there is no way to change this requirment, so the only way to get these Spirits is to wait until the appropriate time.

While it is frustrating that Ice Spirits can only be found during one season, they are incredibly common during that season. Ice Spirits have a chance to spawn on any island on the map during Winter, wandering around alongside the usual Spirits. As far as I can tell, there are no island types they won’t appear on, so it shouldn’t be long until you run into them. They can also sometimes appear in groups of other Spirits, even if they aren’t the visible Spirit on the overworld.

Moonstone Island Ice Spirits
Screenshot by Siliconera

How to Catch Ice Spirits

Due to how prevalent Ice Spirits are during Winter, they can be found at all levels, which makes catching them fairly easy. Ice Spirits will always match the levels of other Spirits on the island they’re found, meaning that islands closest to Moonstone Island will always be at low levels. They are weak to Fire types but it’s unlikely you’ll need to worry about this for lower-level Spirits.

Ice Spirits can also be obtained through hatching Ice Spirit Eggs. These can be obtained by defeating Ice Spirits rather than taming them. However, there are no Spirits exclusively available through this method, which means that taming them is the simplest option.

Moonstone Island is out now for PC and Nintendo Switch.

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