How to Catch Up with Demon Slayer Arcs Ahead of Season 3

How to Catch Up with Demon Slayer Arcs Ahead of Season 3

More of the Demon Slayer anime adaptation is on the way, with season 3 poised to pick up with the Swordsmith Village Arc. However, that might mean someone would want to catch up with the story before jumping in when it begins in April 2023. To help folks catch up, here’s a list of all of the arcs present in the manga, anime, and game, so you can best determine how to follow along or read ahead.

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How Many Demon Slayer Manga Arcs Exist?

Since the manga ended, this is an easy one! There are 11 arcs in the story, though somebody could also try and argue that there are 12. This is because the last one, the Final Battle Arc, is divided into the 47 chapter Infinity Castle Arc and 22 chapter Sunrise Countdown Arc.

Here’s the full list of ones that are available, as well as the chapters they cover and manga volumes you can find them in, should you decide to stock up on books.

  1. Final Selection Arc: Chapters 1-9, which can be found in volumes 1 and 2.
  2. Kidnapper’s Bog Arc: Chapters 10-13, which can be found in volume 2.
  3. Asakusa Arc: Chapters 14-19, which can be found in volumes 2-3.
  4. Tsuzumi Mansion Arc: Chapters 20-27, which can be found in volumes 3-4.
  5. Mount Natagumo Arc: Chapters 28-44, which can be found in volumes 4-6.
  6. Rehabilitation Training Arc: Chapters 45-53, which can be found in volumes 6-7.
  7. Mugen Train Arc: Chapters 54-69, which can be found in volumes 7-8.
  8. Entertainment District Arc: Chapters 70-97, which can be found in volumes 8-11.
  9. Swordsmith Village Arc: Chapters 98-127, which can be found in volumes 12-15.
  10. Hashira Training Arc: Chapters 128-136, which can be found in volumes 15-16.
  11. Final Battle Arc: The Infinity Castle Arc covers Chapters 137-183, which can be found in volumes 16-21. Its Sunrise Countdown Arc covers Chapters 184-205, which can be found in volumes 21-23

How Many Demon Slayer Anime Arcs Exist?

There are eight covered as of season 2 of the show. However, once season 3 starts in 2023, it will pick up with the ninth Swordsmith Village arc. Season one of the anime covers the Final Selection, Kidnapper’s Bog, Asakusa, Tsuzumi Mansion, Mount Natagumo, and Rehabilitation Training arcs. The Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train film covers the Mugen Train arc. Season 2 of the anime also covers the Mugen Train and Entertainment District arcs.

Which Demon Slayer Arcs Does The Hinokami Chronicles Game Cover?

The PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC fighting game Demon Slayer: The Hinokami Chronicles also features a storyline that covers events of various arcs! It begins right when the manga and anime do with the Final Selection Arc, and its story mode goes on to follow the story all the way through the Mugen Train arc.

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