How to Catch Zorua in Pokemon Go This Halloween

How to Catch Zorua in Pokemon Go This Halloween

How to Catch Zorua in Pokemon Go This HalloweenFor Halloween 2022, Niantic added Zorua and Zoroark to Pokemon Go. The standard versions, mind you, and not the shiny one yet. The thing is, you won’t just see Zorua in the wild until 10am local time on November 1, 2022. Rather, the character functions like a Ditto. In keeping with its trickster nature, it appears as whatever your current buddy is on the map.

This means the easiest way to catch a Zorua in Pokemon Go is to pick a distinctive buddy. As this is the Halloween season, lots of ghosts are present in-game during this period. So picking a ghost would make it difficult to pick it out. What I did was make a Hisuian Qwilfish my buddy. It’s large. It’s distinctive. It isn’t naturally occurring in the wild right now in-game.

However, Niantic did find a bug in-game. People using Bluetooth catching devices and with a Legendary Pokemon as their buddy would find themselves catching more of that Pokemon that wouldn’t transform. It took to the official support Twitter account to confirm it identified the issue and that those characters would eventually transform into Zorua. Until the issue is fixed, people can’t use Darkrai, Dialga, Giratina, Groudon, Kyogre, Landorus, Palkia, Xerneas, and Yvetal in Great League battles.

If you catch enough Zorua to gather 50 of its candies, you can evolve it into Zoroark in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is available for Android and Apple iOS devices, and Zorua can be caught in-game as part of the Halloween events until November 1, 2022.

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