Wild Hearts How to Change Appearance Looking Glass Karakuri

How to Change your Appearance in Wild Hearts

With a fairly robust character creator, Wild Hearts offers a plethora of different customization options. However, some players may feel unsatisfied with the end result once they properly enter the game. But instead of completely starting your character over, especially if you’ve already committed to the grind, Wild Hearts does allow you to change your appearance by use of the Looking Glass Karakuri. That said, there are some perquisites in order to do so.

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First, players will need to progress the main story until they can enter Minato. This is done by hunting the Ragetail, Sapscourge, and Wildtusk. Each of these quests will follow in succession and unlock various things you can do in the game, ranging from creating unique Dragon Karakuri and unlocking basic functions in the game.

Wild Hearts Change Appearance Looking Glass Karakuri

Once you’ve reached Minato, you will then be able to access your extended Karakuri upgrade tree. This can be found in your general menu, the same one where you can look at your map. Further along in that tree you can unlock the Looking Glass Karakuri. This mirror will allow you to change your appearance whenever you like. However, it can only be made in Minato, and it’s suggested that you put it somewhere that isn’t an enclosed space and has good, natural lighting.

The fastest way to get access to the Looking Glass Karakuri and be able to change your appearance in Wild Hearts is to simply grind through the tree. However, if you’re further along enough into the game and are in Chapter 2 – Ancient Technology, defeating the Deathstalker Kemono will immediately open up the Karakuri path right next to the Looking Glass.

In addition, if a friend has unlocked the ability to create a Looking Glass Karakuri, they can come to your game and build it there for you for you to use.

Wild Hearts is available on PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. Check out Siliconera’s official review of the game.

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