How to Claim Mission Rewards in FFVII Ever Crisis
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How to Claim Mission Rewards in FFVII Ever Crisis

Like most mobile games, Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis will reward players for completing Missions under certain specifications. Doing so will grant players valuable Blue Crystals, the free currency in the game. However, these rewards will not immediately be added to your inventory and will need to be redeemed. So here is how to claim your Mission Rewards in FFVII Ever Crisis before they expire.

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How to Claim Mission Rewards in FFVII Ever Crisis

Mission rewards are not immediately distributed to players. Instead, they will appear in your Gift Box. This can be found on the Home page and is located on the righthand side of the screen, as denoted by the Gift icon. Tapping this will open the menu where you can claim your rewards. This is also where you can obtain any pre-registration rewards you may have not claimed.

How to Claim Mission Rewards FFVII Ever Crisis

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Most Mission rewards will be Blue Crystals from completing Story and Solo Content for the first time. These can also come in the form of Blue Crystals that will be rewarded to players who fulfill certain conditions for these individual stages. These conditions can range from completing the stage for the very first time or completing Story Missions with the Story Party. This means that players cannot use a Free Party to obtain this specific reward.

The Gift Box will also inform you of when these rewards will expire. For example, certain Mission rewards obtained on September 7, 2023 will expire on October 7, 2023. This means you should always claim your Mission rewards once you are able or claim them in bulk before they expire. Especially since Blue Crystals are the game’s free currency and is in limited supply. But this is how you can claim your Mission rewards in FFVII Ever Crisis. If you feel like you’re missing any items, always remember to check your Gift Box.

Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis is immediately available for Android and iOS.

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