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How to Clear the Darkness Chapter in Paranormasight

Paranormasight unravels its yarn through the points of view of three protagonists: Tetsuo, Harue, and Yakko. However, during Harue’s chapter, you unlock a fourth route titled “Darkness,” which features another new playable character. Unfortunately for our new protagonist, she starts her tale inside of a mysterious dark room. Who is she, where is she, and how can she get out? Read ahead for some minor spoilers to learn how to complete the Darkness chapter in Paranormasight and earn the Mayu’s Escape achievement.

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Though this guide will not touch on anything plot-wise, it obviously contains some spoilers for the Paranormasight Darkness chapter. Read ahead at your own risk.

As soon as you wake up, you have no idea who or where you are. You only have the memory of a man talking to you, and when the prompts comes up, you can type in either Yoshimi or Hajime. But that’s not your name. So the first course of action is figuring out your identity.

There is a mirror in the room but it is so grimy that you cannot see your reflection. If you look around the room, there is a container of soap on the steel shelf. Grab it. Soap on its own cannot do anything, so you have to find something to use it with. Check the lockers and open the left one; you will grab a mop that you can douse with the soap.

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Now that you are able to clean off the mirror, do so. After you see your face, which should be familiar to you, you have to input this Paranormasight character’s name: Mayu Chozawa. You can use either her first or last name. Once Mayu remembers who she is, you can use the soapy mop to turn on the lights above you. Pick up the curse stone on the ground and then there will be a scene where you learn the circumstances behind Mayu’s capture. During her flashback, she hears her captor mention that the password to the combination lock on the cabinet is the same year as the founding of Hihaku Soaps. If you check your Files, you can see that Hihaku Soaps was founded in 1946.

Inside the cabinet is a fax machine. Fantastic! Now you can call for help provided that you have a pen and a phone number. There is a pen on the desk but the tip is dry. You also cannot find a phone number inside of this room. So you have no choice but to suspend your investigation.

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The phone number should be fairly easy to get. Enter “Too Much to Handle” in Harue’s route and go to the Shigima Residence. She has a fax machine in her reception room. Click on it and she will suddenly say her phone number out loud, to Richter’s befuddlement.

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With phone number in hand, go to the “Standing By” chapter in Tetsuo’s route. He is standing outside Komagata High School with Erio. If you talk to Erio, he asks about their next course of action. Talk to him again and Tetsuo will ask him about pens. Erio will then tell you that you can fix a dried-up pen tip with nail polish remover. You now have everything you need to escape, so return to the “Darkness” chapter.

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You can find nail polish remover in the stack of cardboard boxes near the switchboard. Open up your items menu and then use it; you will automatically clean up the pen’s tip. Afterwards, examine the fax machine and you will have the Shigima Residence’s phone number telepathically beamed into your head. As for your location, you unlock Mayu’s route after Harue sees her curse echo at Ho’onji Bridge. So that’s where her captors are holding her.

Now that you have called for help and given them your location, all you have to do is wait for your rescue. Return to “Too Much to Handle” in Harue’s route and go to the Shigima Residence. She will receive the fax and with Richter, she will go and rescue you. Completing this “Darkness” chapter will garner you the Mayu’s Escape accomplishment on the Steam version of Paranormasight.

Paranormasight is readily available on the Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.

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