How to Complete ‘A Frozen Friend’ in Fae Farm
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How to Complete ‘A Frozen Friend’ in Fae Farm

“A Frozen Friend” is one of the few Fae Farm story quests that doesn’t involve diving down 25 levels into a dungeon to reach the sprite that needs assistance. Instead, you’re braving a cold mountain to deliver some goods to Grell for a meal. However, it does mean going past the Fae Gate and into the Floating Ruins dungeon associated with that realm for some necessary items for the quest.

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How to Complete ‘A Frozen Friend’ in Fae Farm

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How do you get the items needed for the Fae Farm “A Frozen Friend” quest?

Honestly, the “A Frozen Friend” Fae Farm quest is one of the only story ones that heavily relies on farming. You’ll Fae Soil Bed (1 Shade Jelly, 1 Flutterwood Log, 1 Spriggan Leaf), Magical Crop Swap Fertilizer, and Turnip Seeds to grow Frost Beets, as well as a lot of Turnips to turn into Chopped Vegetables. Plus you need to get berries of some sort, use them at the Food Prep Table to get Mixed Berries, then use those at the Artisan Table to get Berry Jam. It’s quite a lot!

Anyways, here’s the list of items you need for “A Frozen Friend” in Fae Farm and how to get them.

  • 3 Polished Sapphire: Mine Rough Sapphires from Floating Ruins, then put them in the Gem Polisher to get the polished versions. You need 30 of them.
  • 5 Berry Jams: Get berries from the spots around the human village and use them at the Food Prep Table to make them into Mixed Berries. Then use the Mixed Berries at the Artisan Table to make jam.
  • 5 Frost Beets: Create five Fae Soil Beds on one of your farms. Plant five Turnip seeds. Then get five Magical Crop Swap Fertilizer and use it on those five plots. They’ll turn into the five Frost Beets you need.
  • 10 Flutter Dust: Catch butterflies and moths around your initial farm and the human town. Each one grants one Flutter Dust when placed in the Lowlands Critter Conservatory.
  • 30 Chopped Vegetables: Use any vegetable, like Turnips or Cauliflower, at the Food Prep Table to turn them into Chopped Vegetables.

Do this and Grell will tell you to come visit the next day to get rid of the cold air around the mountain. There’ll also be a mention of getting three Forst Thistle. Don’t worry about that second part. Go to bed as normal. You’ll wake up to a story segment with Grell and the meal. Once it is done, you’ll have the Charm spell for your staff that lets you access the volcanic area in the northwest. Also, with the cold gone, you can now use your sickle on the grassy areas in the snowy region to chop some Frost Thistle.

Fae Farm is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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