How to Complete Honkai: Star Rail Space Station Ghost Stories: Fortune Leaf

How to Complete Honkai: Star Rail Space Station Ghost Stories: Fortune Leaf
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If your Honkai: Star Rail Daily Mission is “Space Station Ghost Stories: Fortune Leaf,” then you have a fairly easy quest ahead of you. This is another fairly quick errand. Unlike other stories you’re investigating for Adler, you only need to find and talk to one person, then head back with a report. However, if you want to find that researcher a little more swiftly, here’s where the person is at the Base Zone.

First, you need to find Adler at the Storage Zone on Herta Space Station. He’s on the second floor, so teleporting to the Space Anchor on the east side of the map is the fastest one to reach him. The map will only vaguely show where he is in the yellow, highlighted circle. He’s standing near the entrance to the northern branch, next to a plant.

Here are two screenshots I took showing where you can find Adler for the entirety of this Daily Mission:

To find out the truth behind the “Fortune Leaf” urban legend, head down to the Herta Space Station Base Zone. Again, there’s a yellow highlighted area on the map, and you’re looking for one person with insight about the Fortune Leaf. You want to talk to the Weird Researcher. (There are two other people there who also will discuss the “ghost story,” but offer no valuable information.) After talking to this NPC, you’ll learn how they really got the promotion. If you do want to talk to the other random people before him for extra insight and flavor text, look for the Researcher at a Loss and Sad Researcher characters.

Here’s where you can find the Weird Researcher to complete Honkai: Star Rail Space Station Ghost Stories: Fortune Leaf:

Head back to Adler at the Storage Zone to explain what happened. You’ll get Adler’s Research Report on Ghost Stories III and 5,000 Credits.

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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