How to complete Siren of the Stars Crimson Fleet without killing anyone in Starfield
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How to Complete ‘Siren of the Stars’ Without Killing Anyone in Starfield

“Breaking the Bank” is one of the main missions you do for the Crimson Fleet and UC SysDef in Starfield. It is one of the longest and most detailed Crimson Fleet missions you can tackle. This quest also is one of my personal favorite missions, all because of the sheer number of ways to complete it. But if you want the best result, your best option is to complete “Siren of the Stars” without killing anyone aboard the ship.

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How to Peacefully Complete Siren of the Stars in “Breaking the Bank” in Starfield

You have a couple of options for completing Breaking the Bank in Starfield. First off, you can go straight to your target of Larry Dumbrovsky and eliminate him if you so choose, but you will likely be in hot water with the UC SysDef forces.

To peacefully complete “Siren of the Stars” in Starfield without killing anyone, you have to keep your two goals in mind. The first is to steal the award on the ship, which is technically optional.

If you want to do this, follow the marker in the quest to speak with the woman in charge of the award in the bar party area. You’ll want at least one rank of the Persuasion skill for this, and you can convince her to reveal where the award is.

Head to that area and then persuade the woman at the desk to open the door for you to the award. This will then require you to return to the same award-giver lady from before and persuade her to give you the key to access the award so you can safely steal it. Save before trying these persuasions to do this successfully.

For the other half of the mission, here is what you need to do to complete this peacefully:

  • Speak with partygoers on the dance floor until you learn about your target’s tryst. Specifically, Talk to Klaudia to learn about her tryst with Larry.
  • Use that information to talk with Gabriel, which won’t go anywhere.
  • Speak with the captain of the ship to trigger the emergency alarm on the ship. This will force an emergency lockdown on the ship.
  • Visit the reluctant partner in crime Gabriel in his room and get the truth out of him
  • Go to Larry Dumbrovsky and decide to either kill him or take the information from him.
  • Return to the Crimson Fleet and give the information to Delgado.
  • Go to the UC SysDef and let them know the results of your mission to complete the quest.

The key here is to spare Larry, no matter how obnoxious he is. You’ll get the best rewards for this and save yourself from potentially getting the UC SysDef on your bad side.

Starfield is available for the Xbox Series X and PC.

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