Palworld Xenogard
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How to Find and Catch Xenogard in Palworld

With the Sakurajima Island update, Pocketpair expanded the number of Pals in Palworld for Tamers to catch. Amongst additions like Blazamut Ryu and Selyne, new Pals crash down to the Palpagos Islands from a meteor. One of these is Xenogard. Xenogard is easier to find, but more difficult to catch, compared to other Pals in Palworld, but here are some tips.

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Palworld Xenogard Meteorite Event
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How do I find and catch Xenogard in Palworld?

Locating Xenogard is quite simple in Palworld. You must first locate a meteorite crash in one of the many locations on the Palpagos Islands. A meteor icon on the map indicates where the crash sites are once they have fallen. Below is an example of those meteorites’ icons in a screenshot I took:

Palworld Meteorite Location
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The meteorite crash sites present an issue in catching Xenogard, however. As part of the Sakurajima update, Pocketpair introduced Meteorite Events. This allows you to gather the new resource, Meteorite Fragments, and possibly catch Xenovader, Selyne, or Xenogard. However, this event is on a randomized timer and spawns randomly on the Palpagos Islands. Xenogard is not liable to appear at each Meteorite Event. Based on what I experienced, Xenogard only spawns in high level regions of the Palpagos Island.

Below is a list of regions likely to spawn a Xenogard Meteorite Event:

  • Astral Mountains
  • Dessicated Desert
  • Mount Obsidian

Once you locate a Meteorite Event, head there as quickly as possible as Devotees will also attempt to subdue the extraterrestrial Pal. Xenogards are resilient enough to survive until you arrive.

Palworld Meteorite Fragment
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As a Dragon elemental Pal, Xenogard is resistant to attacks from Dark type Pals, but is susceptible to Ice type Pals, so keep that in mind when you find and try to catch one in Palworld. Bring Ice elemental Pals or Pals with Ice attacks to help aid you in battle. While having Ice type Pals will give you an advantage, be sure to also equip armor that you would use in a Tower boss battle. Xenogards have the chance to spawn with health and attack equivalent to Alpha bosses.

I recommend using the following armor to give you a better chance at capturing Xenogard:

  • Hyper Shield
  • Legendary Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Legendary Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Pal Metal Helm

You will need to equip the Ultra, Legendary, or Ultimate Pal Sphere to increase the chance to subjugate Dragon type Pal. As an addition in the Sakurajima update, the Ultimate Pal Sphere gives you the best odds at capturing Xenogard.

Palworld is in early access on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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