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How to Find and Survive the Harvestella Quietus Dungeon

How to Find and Survive the Harvestella Quietus Dungeon

There are a number of dungeons and challenging areas to explore in Harvestella, but the Quietus dungeon is one of the more daunting ones to tackle. After all, you essentially get one day to make as much headway as possible. Not to mention the game doesn’t really tell you, “Hey, it’s there! Go explore on the day of death!” Fortunately, it is easy to find! Surviving? Well, that’s a whole other story.

How to Find and Survive the Harvestella Quietus Dungeon

How to Find the Quietus Dungeon in Harvestella

This one is easy! The day after a season ends is called Quietus. This is the one-day-long season of death. It’s also the one day that the Quietus dungeon is open in Harvestella. At the south west edge of the map, there is a small elevated area. A ramp leads up to a well, which is normally dark and empty. Well, during Quietus, it is lit-up with an otherworldly light. Approaching it allows you to enter the dungeon filled with stronger-than-usual bosses and some materials you probably won’t find on your everyday travels!

Head up the ramp, approach the well, interact with it, and you’ll find yourself inside.

How to Find and Survive the Harvestella Quietus Dungeon

How to survive Harvestella’s Quietus Dungeon.

First things first, you want to go in with food. I recommend a whole stack of Picnic Sandwiches. They’re easy to make, since they only need one Dress Lettuce and one Flour. It’s easy to plant and grow both the lettuce and the Stellar Wheat in most seasons. Not to mention the Homely Lethe Recipes book for it in Lethe only costs 300 Grilla. Since it restores 1,500 HP, 60% of folks’ stamina, and boosts physical attack briefly by 10%, it’s very helpful and low-cost.

Once you get inside, there are Motus Monolites in this dungeon. You can save and unlock later ones as you journey through its levels. Upon first entering, you’ll also see a pond to the right. You can fish here. (The Venin Clam and Cardinal Goldfish both can be caught here, but the latter is much rarer than the former.)

How to Find and Survive the Harvestella Quietus Dungeon 4

The actual Harvestella Quietus dungeon gameplay involves approaching wells on the floor in the hopes it will let you dive deeper into the dungeon. One well on the floor lets you advance. The others could hold items like seeds or materials or monsters. Occasionally, you’ll happen upon a floor with what is essentially a “boss” fight that means fighting mandatory enemies before getting to proceed.

And that’s the gist of it! Go in prepared with characters, jobs, and food you enjoy, and do your best!

Harvestella is available for the Nintendo Switch and PC.

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