Palworld Sakurajima Update
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How to Find Sakurajima Island in Palworld

June 27, 2024 marked the date Pocketpair released the Sakurajima Island update for Palworld. The update added a new raid boss, material, more Pals, new Pal variants, and several new buildings to the early access game. Pocketpair designed Palworld for you to figure out how to craft, capture Pals, and navigate the world with minimal resources at the beginning. As such, there are no instructions on how to get to the new area. Whether you’re new to Palworld or heading back, here’s how to find and get to Sakurajima Island, which is off the coast of the Palpagos Islands map.

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Palworld Sakurajima Shrine
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Where do I find Sakurajima Island in Palworld?

To find Sakurajima Island, you must head to Forgotten Island or Ice Wind Island via a fast travel point. If you haven’t been either biome before, travel north west from Windswept Hills, the island every new player spawns on.

Once at one of these fast points, travel further north west to the edge where water is all you will see. You will need a mount type of Pal you can ride to cross the waters to Sakurajima Island. I recommend that you use a flying or swimming one like Nitewing, Ragnahawk, or Surfent. If you take this route, the first area you will arrive in is Sakurajima Island – Mushroom Wetlands.

Palworld Sakurajima Map
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What level do I need to be at for Sakurajima Island in Palworld?

Before seeking out Sakurajima Island, you must have a high level to both survive and succeed on the island. It is crawling with high level Pals that can kill you in one hit if your level is too low. To explore Sakurajima Island, you should be at least level 40. Pals should also be level 40 or higher to combat the new pals on the island. Pals roaming the cherry blossom covered zone are level 40 – 45, with some being 50 or higher.

Palworld Mushroom
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Palworld is available in early access on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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