How to Find Starskiffs and Notes in Honkai: Star Rail’s Fired Mission
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How to Find Starskiffs and Notes in Honkai: Star Rail’s ‘Fired’ Mission

The Xianzhou Luofu “Fired” mission in Honkai: Star Rail is one with a lot of moving parts, what with counting starskiffs, finding lost notes, hunting down the starskiff hit-and-run suspect, and trying to convince Luhui to not fire Mei the maid. It’s a lot to deal with in the game! It might also leave you wondering “what if,” since the Trailblazer can make a lot of dialogue choices.

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Editor’s Note: There will be Honkai: Star Rail “Fired” mission spoilers below, including details about whether or not Luhui will fire Mei.

Things start out with the Honkai: Star Rail “Fired” mission seeming like a standard observation task, as you’ll report to Tantan at Central Starskiff Haven in Xianzhou Luofu. The first part involves counting starskiffs and keeping track of their colors. So the first question just asks, “How many white passenger starskiffs went past?” The correct answer is three. However, when starting the second task, you’ll see a blue starskiff come out of nowhere and hit another one.

Screenshot via Siliconera

Screenshot via Siliconera

A woman named Mei is injured, and you’ll be tasked with contacting her next of kin or someone who knows her. She’s more consumed with finding her lost notes, which leads to the next part of the Honkai: Star Rail “Fired” mission. Two of them actually feature the number you need for Luhui, her employer. Fortunately, Tingyun lent you Diting. You can then check the immediate vicinity for the two specific notes. You’ll find them at the spots shown in the screenshots below.

The step after that involves checking in with witnesses to the accident with Tantan. They’re the only two people in the highlighted areas who offer an “inquire” prompt when you approach them. You can find them at the positions below.

All of the other points in this questline direct you to specifically highlighted points. However, as you start to help Tantan end his investigation, there will be a few other questions you’ll need to answer. Once you get a photo of the accident, for example, you’ll need to tell Tantan that the offending starskiff is “the third one from the left.” Also, when you find the hit-and-run driver, you need to submit evidence to prove guilt. I found using the photograph of the scene of the crime worked best.

Screenshot via Siliconera

Screenshot via Siliconera

This prompts a fight against an enemy from the area. After which, you’ll talk with Luhui and Mei again. Once you see their final talk, you’ll get 1 Refined Aetther, 25 Strale, 40 Stellar Jades, 250 Trailblaze EXP, and 15,000 Credits.

As for whether or not the Honkai: Star Rail “Fired” quest ends with Luhui definitively deciding to fire Mei or not, you get a definitive answer the day after finishing it. I chose to select responses that attempted to convince Luhui not to layoff her employee. However, for me the quest ended with her still fired. The next day you open the game however, you’ll get a text message from Luhui explaining she decided not to fire Mei.

How to Find Starskiffs and Notes in Honkai: Star Rail’s 'Fired' Mission

Screenshot via Siliconera

Honkai: Star Rail is available for PCs and mobile devices, and PS4 and PS5 versions are in development.

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