How to Find the Campfire Near Aemoon in Tchia

If you're having trouble finding the campfire near Aemoon in Tchia so you can advance the story, here's where to rest your head.

Tchia is a freeform sort of open-world game, which means it can sometimes be difficult to find where you’re supposed to go next. For example, after heading to the city in chapter two, you’ll be told to go to the campfire to rest after trying to meet Meavora. In case you’re having trouble finding it, here’s where the campfire near Aemoon is in Tchia.

The campfire you want to use in Tchia is on the shoreline southeast of Aemoon, nearly outside of the city. Head directly south from the secretary and office, until you hit the park. Then, turn left and head straight ahead, as though you’re going toward Xupi Macii on the map. Walk south along the shoreline and you’ll happen upon the campfire.
How to Find the Campfire Near Aemoon in Tchia

As a reminder, while at a campfire in Tchia a player can do multiple things. Someone can change her outfit. This involves her clothing, hairstyle face paint, and accessories. They can play her ukelele. You can sleep to advance time. It is also possible to eat to restore Tchia’s strength.

After resting at the campfire near Aemoon, you’ll learn about the Soul Throw mechanic, the story will advance, and the game will automatically send you toward Tchia’s next destination.

Tchia is available for the PS4, PS5, and PC. It is also on PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium.

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