How to Find the Genshin Impact Aeonblight Drake Location

How to Find the Genshin Impact Aeonblight Drake

The Genshin Impact Aeonblight Drake is a surprisingly tricky character to find! That’s because it’s in a cave, so you can’t just go to a spot on the map. Worse, the cave isn’t part of a series of caverns or tunnels. So if you miss the entrance, you probably aren’t going to find it and get the Perpetual Caliber materials you need for certain Genshin Impact characters. To help you find that little aside, here’s a quick look into how to reach that normal boss.

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How to Find the Genshin Impact Aeonblight Drake Location Perpetual Caliber

How to Find the Aeonblight Drake’s Location in Genshin Impact

map to find the Aeonblight Drake’s location in Genshin Impact is a little misleading. It makes it seem lke it is around Sumeru’s Devantaka Mountain, near the Waypoint at the top of a gorge. However, in reality its underground positioning makes it difficult to assess.

That is the Waypoint you want to fast travel to in order to reach this boss, though. You want to head south from it until you see this flower. If you use a Dendro character like Nahida or the Traveler, you can use the element on it to cause it to send up the fast-travel orbs you can use to reach the platform outside the boss’ den.


At this point, you can use those to fast travel to the area outside the ruins and den where this monster lives. If you don’t have a Dendro character on hand, there is also a very thin ledge, which disappears at a spot, that can be used to make your way over.

Time Trial Challenge

From there, you’ll see a Time Trial Challenge icon. (Or, well, the base for one if you already defeated it.) It stands outside some rather obvious ruins in the side of the mountain. What you want to do is head toward the wall near those ruins. There’s actually an entrance and hallway there.

Head down that corridor, and you’ll find yourself above the Aeonblight Drake’s location in Genshin Impact and minutes away from a Perpetual Caliber or two. I find Itto especially effective for this fight, though Pyro-type characters work too. However, the boss does have a skill that increases its resistance to fire. After you beat it, you’ll get the ascension material for Layla, Nilou, and Scaramouche/The Wanderer.

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices.

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