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How to Find the Genshin Impact Dendro Hypostasis Zayin


The 3.2 update is now live in Genshin Impact, which means the Dendro Hypostasis Zayin is now live as a Normal Boss. If you’re going to add Nahida to your party, you’ll need to face it on a regular basis for a while to collect the Quelled Creepers and Nagadus Emeralds she needs for her ascensions. However, while you don’t need to complete any “challenges” to unlock the area where it lives, it might not be immediately obvious where to find it.

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First, you’ll want to head to the Waypoint south of Dar al’Shifa, which is south of the two Aaru Village Waypoints and Statue of the Seven. The one you want is to the east of an oasis and next to an indentation on the map below. The Dendro Hypostasis is in one of Genshin Impact’s underground areas. If you head to the point on the map that I highlighted below, you should find yourself facing a huge cavern.

genshin impact dendro hypostasis zayin 1

Drop down to this lower area after fast-traveling to the Waypoint.


Head down into this this cavern until you reach the Dendro Hypostasis.

The fight is fairly straightforward. The Dendro Hypostasis will lash out with attacks involving the element. At some points, it will transform into a snake to whip your character or a ball to drop from above. As usual, once you deal enough damage, it will take on a defensive stance and start restoring its health.

It’s at this point that a Dendro character comes into play. The Dendro version of the Traveler is an option. You could also use Collei, Nahida, or Tighnari. Hitting the Activated Restorative Piths the Dendro Hypostasis spawns in Genshin Impact allows you to finish up the fight. (If you have an Electro character on hand, you can speed this up.)


Nahida is good at this, even if she’s at a far lower level than the rest of your party.

Once you’re done, you’ll get the usual rewards like EXP, Mora, Artifacts, Ascension Gems, and the Dendro Hypostasis-unique Quelled Creeper.
genshin impact dendro hypostasis zayin 3

Genshin Impact is available for the PS4, PS5, PC, and mobile devices. The Nahida and Yoimiya banners are now live alongside the 3.2 update.


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